Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good People Galore

Last week the Mr, the worm, and I crossed the ocean to visit friends and family, celebrate two baby showers, and shop, shop, shop, and shop some more. We succeeded in every respect, mainly because of others’ generosity.

This blogs feels a bit of an Oscar speech because there are so many people to thank: my parents for hosting both parties; my sister for spending about two days shopping with me; my mom and my sister for giving me a crown not once but twice (finally confirming my princess status!); my brother for introducing us to Jersey Shore; our family and friends that were generous with their time (a number of people drove 4+ hours to spend the day with us) and their gifts for the little baby (we carried home almost 60 pounds of gifts, not including the fabulous cake, food and drink we couldn’t take with us); and much more that I don’t time for because the photo montage and orchestra music is coming up.

The First Baby Shower, with Friends from Pittsburgh and Detroit

The Scientist was the first to unsuccessfully aim my princess status.

Mr. Pittsburgh and my mom.

My crown, the Mr.'s crown, Chelle Belle and her man.
Yummy foods, especially the rice krispies.

The whole pack of friends!

The Man was the second to try to steal Princess status. I got tired to the chaos and promoted myself to Queen.

Totally handmade hat by the Scientist, sweetness!

From Mr. Pittsburgh - who else?
 Everyone at both showers drew on onesies/bodies...except to see many of those starting in late June!

Yes, sis has that many awesome nail colors.

The two pregnant ladies got very tired.

The Second Baby Shower - with Family from Dayton, Maryland, and St. Louis

The fabulous cake made by my talented cousin.

Two lovely ladies.
All the ladies in the family.

Ladies that I've known my entire life.

I got my crown for a second time!

The Mr. also got a crown.


Little One.

The Man and our Colorado Girl.

At the second baby shower, we played a few games. Goodness occurred in the form of pictures (thanks for playing along everyone!):

My two cousins - the Cake Magician and Ms. Alabama (above) - were the absolute winners in charades.

Mexican mama and papa.

Bubby with far too many pieces of toilet paper ... sorry but you just had to be there.
My nana made a lovely blanket, with paisley, of course.
Really, we weren't sure: for the baby or for the Mr.?
A good amount of the crew.

An exhausted dad-to-be with the balloons he wasn't keen on giving up. They almost made it to the airport with us (okay, not really).


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robert said...

Princess status is mine next time. I'll wrestle you for it! :P

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