Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome to the Real World: Lucky's Taproom and Eatery

Today, February 11, 2011, is a special day. Today is the day when my youngest uncle welcomes the world into his dream, Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery.

Lucky’s is “The Oregon district's [in Dayton, Ohio] latest addition to it's impressive list of pubs and restaurants. Lucky's is owned and operated by Andrew "Drew" Trick…and boasts a classic menu offering standard or vegan eats…a full bar, complete with 14 rotating taps that will change often.”

Lucky’s is also a lot more: a dream birthed into reality, a nod to a beloved man, a belief in self and the future...and quite importantly a good place to get a baloney sandwich. And – try not to get jealous here – the Steinbach clan was among the first, if not the first, to eat one inside of the Lucky’s walls.

Congrats to Drew for making his dream come true. May we all follow in your footsteps towards our own dreams. We’ll be raising a glass with you as soon as possible.

Everyone near Dayton – be there or be square!


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