Thursday, April 21, 2011


A special time in southern Germany has begun: Spargelzeit. Loosely translated, it’s a very limited time when fresh, white asparagus are available. Spargel is so special, there is even a separate section for “Asparagus in Germany” on the Wikipedia page.

Spargel can be eaten with just about anything but the most common seems to be Spargel with schnitzel, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce. For the first Spargel meal of 2011 in our house, we replaced the schnitzel with sausage:

Locals - including the Mr - get so excited about Spargel that a rarely seen glee pops to the surface when Spargel becomes a scrumptious, if temporary part of many meals. I think Spargel is exciting because it is only available for a handful of weeks each year. In our world where almost everything is available all the time – news, fruit, vegetables, meats, sex, drugs, alcohol – things that aren’t always available become even more special. Sort of like a kid that takes 40 weeks to bake before we finally get to meet him.

So, we have to make sure he’s a Spargel fan before he even gets out:



Teresa said...

ohhhhh that is so delicious!!! i am very jealous of you right now. and the little one =)

p.s. the green top is fabulous!

Pickles and Onions said...

You picked the green top out! I'm just surprised it fits :D

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