Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Awesome Idea Made Reality

At some point during our wedding planning I decided that I would put together our wedding album. I dreamed up a new type of album that combined our American and our German wedding celebrations through a colorful mix of posed pictures, fun snapshots, and personal messages from our guests.

It sounded like such an awesome idea. A super awesome idea. A you-can’t-imagine-how-awesome-this-is-going-to-be idea. Turns out those ideas lead to tons of work.

It started during the weddings. We asked all of our guests to decorate a piece of colorful scrapbook paper, leaving room for a personal picture. Our extremely talented photographer-friends took a picture for each page. Although we had to remind people a few times, and some people still forgot, that part actually turned out to be the easiest part.

Then the weddings were over and it was time to actually put the album together. I started really motivated, convinced I would get it done before our six month anniversary. I did manage to sort through the over 1500 pictures to locate the pictures destined for the personal message pages; locate the 200 or so posed pictures and snapshots that I wanted to put into our album; and get them all printed.

Then I got overwhelmed and started telling myself I’d work on the album “tomorrow.” Some days I really would work on the album, although it did take me about a year to sort through the sorted pictures, slowly arranging them into groups and then pages.

Oh, did I mention that I chose to carefully stick each picture with tiny, double-sided pieces of tape onto plain pieces of paper instead of using those simple pages where normal people slip each picture into a waiting envelope? Yeah, I sure did.

Then I got pregnant and I swore to myself that I would get the super awesome album finished. Thankfully about two months ago the Mr. took pity on me and gave into my requests (begging) for help. It still took a few more weeks before we completed the pages because it turns out that 200 or so pictures lead to quite a number of papers and lord-knows how many tiny, double-sided pieces of tape.

But tonight – one year, ten months, three weeks, and a handful of days after our wedding – I’m proud to announce that the super awesome wedding album is finished. And it really is super awesome. Even if it wasn’t – but it is – I would sure hope that you’d all tell me “I can’t imagine how awesome your wedding album is!” Especially since you now know how much darn work went into it.

Don’t forget the exclamation marks.


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