Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yes, That Would Be My Liver

Ever cuddled with someone who, right when you got comfortable, shifted just enough to make you uncomfortable? That is so annoying. When the Mr. does that I’m apt to sigh deeply and loudly (he loves when I do that) and then start cuddling with my pillow.

Turns out that isn’t quite possible when the person I’m cuddling with is inside my body. Instead of sighing (which our worm very effectively ignores) and pillow cuddling, I end up tossing and turning, dreaming stuff we aren’t going to talk about here because it’s just creepy or weird, and doing a google search at 5am.

It turns out that my internal organs have every right to be complaining. Here is what my body looked like – more or less – pre-pregnancy:

Here is what it looks like these days at 32 weeks:

Right…can anyone find my liver? Except the worm that is. He’s giving guided tours almost hourly.

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