Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Being Pregnant is Like Being a Cactus

Last weekend some fabulous friends put together the last baby shower. It was a relaxed affair with yummy food, a few simple and rather informative games, and good people. Since I was the only there that has so far lost her mind and gotten pregnant, we talked about a lot more than pregnancy and babies. It made me realize that I haven’t been in a group of women without having the entire conversation revolve around our growing bellies for about six months. It did me good.

Long story, short: it was a great afternoon that stretched until almost 11pm and included a lot of laughter. Thank you very much ladies for arranging the shower, for coming, and for those of you that were unable to come: thank you for your messages and your support from afar! We missed you.

So how is being pregnant like being a cactus?

Because as the dear C & T proclaimed pregnant ladies are round and rather prickly. Which is true, so true.

I’m most certainly round and rather prickly. My patience is, well, lets just say it’s rather limited and often tried. I can’t really explain how’s it is being tried considering I hardly see people and everyone I do see is in the take-care-of-the-pregnant-lady zone. I mean, I get ice cream on demand. On demand and I don’t ever need to beg.

I’d also like to add that I feel like I’m in a freaking desert all the time. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, I’m thirsty, and I’m grumpy. I’ve never been in a desert but I think I would feel that way. I would hope I’d complain about it a little bit less.

The poor Mr.

I think he is as ready for the worm to make his entrance as I am. And when he gets here, I’ll be making good use of this baby shower gift.

Who's in?

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