Friday, June 17, 2011

Killin‘ Time

As the Mr. pointed out last night, our little guy will be with us in an absolute maximum of 21 days. The due date is in 11 days; my doctor won’t allow us to go more than 10 days overdue. Then today I was reminded by my Twitter world that I should be concentrating on enjoying these days because they will never come again. It will never be this quiet or this unstructured or this babysitter-free again, or at least not for a double-digit number of years.

That requires quite the attitude change in yours truly. I need to move from “Come out today already!!!” to “I’m treasuring these days and this special time.” By the time I master that change, the little guy will be here, screaming, pooping, cooing, and not sleeping, which makes the whole thing rather amusing (when I chose to see it from a positive angle).

Until then, I’ll focus on finding more projects, driving the Mr. crazy (also called spending quality time together), and hanging out with others. If the weather is really good to me, I’ll spend some of that time at the pool, weightless in cool water.

The projects from the past few days included hand sewing baby wipes, hanging up pictures of family in the little guy’s room, and setting up a shelf for the baby changing station. Enjoy the view:

The baby wipes

The baby’s room


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