Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleeping at 9 Months

This is what sleeping at nine months looks like:

I usually sleep with one, rather hard, contoured pillow. It’s still there, underneath the 3 other pillows I’m using for my head, neck and upper back and between the small blue one for my back and the long cream one for my belly and legs. Some day – soon I hope! – I’ll be sleeping with that one and only that one again.

Until then, blessings for stuffed cotton!



Courtney said...

I slept in what I called the cocoon, too. LOVED this pillow: Mister did not, however... ;)

Teresa said...

haha! and where does the Mr. sleep?!?!

Pickles and Onions said...

Oh right, the Mr. Where DOES he sleep? ;)

Courtney - that pillow looks awesome but not quite high enough for me these days.

Teresa said...


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