Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meeting Family

Want to know a great way to make five days just disappear? Have a baby!

We have been incredibly busy with our little dude who yesterday decided that sleeping longer than one hour is an okay idea. Not a super fabulous one, but an okay one. And not all the time, but every once in a while. Now we just have to convince him to keep that bottom lip open so that he can eat pain free (for mommy, otherwise mommy might have a nervous breakdown).

For the first few days we had a few visitors. The first were Oma and Opa in the hospital, followed by Tante S-Squared and finally Uncle Handsome. Photos below.

And PJ - the new star of this blog - himself in all his glory:


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Anna Eaton said...

Lansinoh lanolin will be your best friend. Apply it every single time you breastfeed. Also go shirtless, the air does wonders to heal. With both my kids, I was unable to wear anything for a good solid 2 weeks. My husband got a kick out of it!

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