Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleep: The Good News

Everyone told us before PJ arrived how important sleep was going to be. At the time I recall getting annoyed with how everyone (it seemed) advised us to "sleep now!" with a knowing smile on their face.

Yeah, they were right. I stand humble before the throne of Need-To-Sleep-a-String-of-Uninterrupted-Hours-Soon (and that with the Mr. taking over one feeding so that I can enjoy one extra hour a night). But the good news is that as PJ grows and gets older and the colic goes down, he is begining to sleep more often and for slightly longer period of times. Not at night, yet, but during the day naps aren't quite as rare. Today he even slept on his own for about 45 minutes. Sweeeeeet.

Yet, his favorite place to sleep continues to be on mommy and daddy.

and in totally unrelated comments: Aren't my boys just absolutely adorable?!?


Torsten said...

the small one is cuter than the big one ;)

Anna E. said... that my son is sleeping through the night, Im thinking long and hard about whether we can afford another...sleep is just too precious!

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