Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mommy's Night Out

Last night mommy had another first: she left the house without PJ for over 45 minutes. The Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) group that is helping rescue my sanity, I mean, I am involved with here had a mommy's night out. My husband, my sister, and all of the women at MOPS encouraged me to go, get out of the house, just be a girl again for a few hours. With some hesitation and trepidation - and just raw fear - I accepted the invitation, pumped like crazy all week to get two bottles for the Mr while I was gone, and last night I had my very first mommy's night out. All 2.5 hours of it.

When I got to the party, I felt naked, alone, missing a heavy car seat and a plunging diaper bag. On a positive note, I felt unbelievably thin too. I was greeted with a sunny "You made it!" and tears started rolling down my face. Thankfully I was in a welcoming, supportive, and totally understanding environment. I got two hugs almost instantly and then some concentrated distraction from the ladies. And these are Good People; I was laughing, goofing, and learning from war stories within minutes. Two and a half hours flew by and before I knew it, I had to get going.

I came home to a quiet apartment, a sleeping little boy, and a husband who welcomed me with a big smile and an understanding "I didn't get ANYTHING done."

Lets be honest, it couldn't have been any better.


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Teresa said...

super proud of you sis!

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