Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3-0 ... Ohne Holland ...

Last night Germany played against Holland. In the case that you either a.) life under a rock or b.) are an American and clueless about international football (that's soccer for us) - Germany and Holland have a serious, storied rivalry with each other. Personally I think the Dutch are adorable in their orange and the one time I got to visit the country I had an awesome time ... but football knows no "halbe Sachen" (half-measures / half-heartily) ...

So, just like last time, PJ pulled out his black and whites to support his and his daddy's team. Although he was already in bed when the game started, he made sure to talk a little bit of smack pre-game with his new spit skill:

And it worked: Germany won 3-0. PJ was so exhausted by all the excitement that he slept past his normal 6am wake-up until 7:15.

I tried to get a picture of PJ post-celebratory sleep-in with something orange, but it turns out that we don't have anything orange in the house that isn't dangerous to give a baby*. Instead of sharing a picture of little PJ dominating the Dutch orange, I'll share one of him with pappi right when he wants him: on a leash.

*any Dutch colleagues want to fix that? ;)

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