Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sitting Tall

For about as long as we have had Mr PJ's bouncy chair, he has spent at least a little bit of breakfast, lunch, or dinner time in it, like on Thanksgiving.

At first PJ sat in the chair for a short period of time. Over a few weeks it grew to last almost the entire meal time, as long as we played with him a little bit and generally included him in conversation with our verbal and nonverbal communication. But over the past two weeks he has grown increasingly impatient in his chair during meals, demanding more and more often to sit on our laps. There he would watch us eat and explore the table with his hands.

Since he can sit with the smallest amount of balance support, I decided to perform an experiment and ordered a hanging high chair. To say that PJ was pleased to join us at the table would be downplaying his joy big time. He was stoked, swinging his legs, playing with his spoon, and banging his hands on the table top.

It seems that more solid foods are really just around the corner. 



Marisa said...

How cute! Caden used one of those hanging chairs at my parents' house and it worked great. They take up so little space.

Teresa said...

I am sitting here, watching this video, and am enjoying being such a proud aunt!!! He has grown so much! B said that he cannot wait to meet Boo.

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