Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Christmas Part 2

I always knew my brother had connections but I had no idea they reached into the US Post Office/FedEx. Its got to be true 'cause his Christmas package - sent second to last - is the first one here.

I suspect my brother and his charming girlfriend are just as concerned about PJ styling as the Mr's sister. Little man got some serious threads! We may need to install a video enhanced door bell just to keep the storm of little (and big!) girls who are already chasing our guy. Here is his next suit:

Thanks bubby and babe and way to go, especially for your first time. Feel free to send some more of that toffee any time of the year. Seriously. Really. Any time.

And, by request, a bonus video. Check out little man's belly airtime:


1 comment:

UD09 said...

That's my Dude!

I'm glad everything arrived and I can't wait to see him in his new suit.

4 more mths and I get to meet the man...

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