Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Little Dude Styling?

I'm sick. Whoa is me. Whooooaaaaa is me. I am not a very good sick person, but I am an excellent complainer. I'm deep into my third day of complaining about being sick and being a general PIA. I'm also into my third pot of homemade chicken soup

Yesterday we were suppose to go to the Christmas market and introduce PJ to Santa Claus. That didn't happen. Today we were suppose to go to Oma and Opa's for lunch. Thankfully, little man and the Mr. were able to go and I'm at home relaxing, eating chicken soup, overdoing the vitamin C and getting some more sleep. 

Whooooaaaaa is me. 

Since little man was going to see his dear Aunt S-Squared (for a collection of her outfits, click this link), who is quite the style goddess, I had to make sure that he was decked out in absolute adorable-ness. That's not all that easy for me since, as S-Squared has told me twice over the years, my style is "boring" (and that was the nicest word she could find and she really tried).

Not that she doesn't have a point. I tend towards simple cuts, solid colors, and stuff that I can wear for years. I tend to tease S-Squared about being hit hard with the style stick because she always looks put together and just awesome (well, except for those very unfortunate boots she wore for a little while). 

So I dug into PJ's drawers and did my best. Here we are for your comparison efforts. Me, simple black shirt with hair pulled back, neither complementing anything (and no, its not because I'm sick ... this is just me, causal & boring); PJ in dark brown overalls with plaid, button-up shirt that both matches his overalls and complements his little red cheeks.

Here is little man in all his glory, right next to the Christmas tree. What a cutie-pie!

Did I do a good job?



MrsJ said...

You and PJ get the winning vote from me!! It is still a bit odd for me to see you holding a baby, your baby, in your arms. Even more odd that you are contemplating the difference between your style and that of a baby, your baby. Sista, all I've got to say is YOU ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME! Keep rockin' it like you be doin'!

[side note: S's style is pretty ballin'!]

Pickles and Onions said...

thanks honey - sometimes I'm shocked that I'm a mommy too! Especially at 3am.

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