Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Years – Still Hitched

Two years ago the Mr. and I got hitched. We spent the night before our wedding together in a hotel suite in Ohio – we had already spent five weeks apart while I worked in the US and he was still in Germany – and we woke up together nervous, excited, and what-ever-that-feeling-is-right-before-you-get-married-and-are-totally-thrilled-about-it.

And then suddenly we were up, looking good, married, danced-out, and falling back into our hotel bed. I have a hundred excellent (and very few not-so-excellent) memories of our American wedding day but looking back I can’t believe how quickly it was all over.

The past two years have been similar: man, have they flown by, blessing us with far more smiles than raised eyebrows or tears and I cannot believe how quickly they’ve gone by.

Here’s to many, many more years, Mr. I love ya.


1 comment:

Niels Lange said...

Can't wait to see Mrs. and Mr. again!

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