Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stupendous Solids

Should have known it was coming faster than I expected (or hoped) after the high chair: PJ is eating solids! He has been staring us down and trying to steal food (with at least one success) for the past two weeks. Although he is a little younger than five months, we offered him the chance to eat some carrots and he leaped at them, quickly swallowing each and every bite. 

We started slow: 

But by the second night he was going crazy, getting more involved in the process, and eating almost half a jar before rejecting the spoon.


Extra points for those that can identify the music in the background. Seriously, this kid has no chance of having bad taste in music!

As much fun as it may be to share some more solid food with PJ, the diapers are significantly less fun. Thanks to the person who so cleverly designed this onsie: 
The fun part

The Not-Fun Part

My, my, how does the time fly!



Teresa said...

Such a PROUD Aunt and Uncle over here! Way to go Mom and Dad for being so super cool that Boo wants to be just like you and learn so fast!

Hannover Man said...

Auf dem "Input" Bild guckt er soooo süß der kleine Spaßvogel ;)

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