Sunday, December 25, 2011

PJ's First Christmas

This year, PJ's first and our first as parents, we celebrated the traditional German Christmas Eve with the Steinbach family and are now as I write this celebrating American Christmas in our own home.

Christmas Eve, aka "German Christmas"
Yesterday afternoon, little man couldn't wait for it to get going: he cut his nap down to about 30 minutes and then was ready, ready, ready to go.

First our little guy impressed the Steinbach family with his new 'crawling' skills, getting into and under all sorts of furniture. He had a three piece suit on at first but quickly worked his way out of his pants and into far more crawling-friendly, leg freedom.

After another excellent dinner we posed for the traditional Christmas Eve picture. Note that for the first time ever I am not wearing red and the Mr. is not wearing black or grey.

PJ then changed into his little tuxedo for his very first gift exchange.

He had already enjoyed his brand new and super high chair from Oma and Opa and then got to play with his new wooden toy from his aunt S-Squared and Uncle Hottie.

The same aunt and uncle gave me a very personal and touching gift: a personalized birthday calendar with my entire family: the Mr, PJ, Trick, McLaughin, Cassidy, Jetton, Preston, Paulus, Steinbach, Kretz, Hillenbrand, and Lynott members. This is especially fitting for me since I forget birthdays all the time and I've got one heck of a great family on both sides of the ocean.

Then the Steinbachs opened their gifts from us: pictures of the new Steinbach clan (that's us, Pickles and Onions) and a personalized photo book of PJ's first five months.

Then the party part of the Christmas Eve got going at the Mr's Oma's home. It always starts with sekt and ends with whiskey, with some singing and eating in between... well as quite a lot of arm wrestling. Strange, right? But fabulous!

This year I got into the fun for the very first time too, losing quickly and thoroughly to S-Squared.

 As expected, the Mr. continued his reign as King of arm wrestling for the third year running.

All in all, PJ did an awesome job, staying up about 3 hours after his normal bedtime and then sleeping a number of hours so that the Mr. could claim his arm wrestling crown before we moved back home to our place. All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day
Then this morning we started American Christmas. Turns out Santa lives with us! Who knew he was so damn cute, right?

PJ opened the gift exchange, carefully opening his first gift from his daddy. He took a rather unique but effective approach, using mostly his mouth.

When the paper was finally removed, little guy was thrilled with the contents, since it is so true: Metallica's "Unforgiven" is his most favorite lullaby.

Not only was this PJ's first Christmas, and my first entrance into the arm wrestling competition, this was also the first time ever that the Mr. failed to guess his Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas from Pickles and Onions!

Believe it or not, more pictures to come soon!


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